Individulal and special packing, in every size and type. Providing product protection during the transport.

The already completed products are affected by different kind of physical and atmospheric impacts till the customer. These impacts can cause partial or full damage on the products, if there is not correct packaging in place. The aim of the packaging is to protect the products against different impacts during the transport, in order to keep the original quality.

The economical benefit of the high quality packaging is that the to exclude any kind of injury. The final packaging will be done at the place of the customer – after the design and the production of the necessary packaging materials. We always apply the best packaging solution according to the shipping method, which is already agreed with the customer in advance.

The shipping method can be on water (sea, river..), in air, on road and by train or mixed. In case of sea transport, we take into account the impact of the salt air, therefore we apply vacuum technology.

Our packaging solution provides the safety of the products in any kind of shipping method (road, sea, air or train).

Our company has a high value liability insurance in order to protect and safe the products packed by GIGKEL LTD.


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