Individulal and special packing, in every size and type. Providing product protection during the transport.

The EUR pallet is a standard with dimension 800x1200 mm, which is produced according to standard UIC-435-2. Our company is trading with pallets in Nagykanizsa since the beginning. We are at the disposal of our partners in Hungary and in Europe.


One way pallet

- dimension: 800 x1200 mm
- quality: used
- max. load: 600-1800 kg
- weight: 8-18 kg
- nr. of top timbers: 5-8 pces


EUR pallet

- dimension: 800x1200 mm
- height: 143-144 mm
- quality: used
- max. load: 1000-1500 kg
- weight: 20 kg

New look, used white EUR pallet Gray EUR pallet Poor quality EUR pallet
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